The Guru Granth sahib is the divine category

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> By Janet Lant
> I never got around to telling some of the things about Sikh religion
> that convince me of its authenticity. One major evidence is the “Holy
> Book” of Sikh religion known as the “Guru Granth Sahib Ji”. The Guru
> Granth Sahib was compiled over a period of 240years by the hands of
> the beings that founded the Sikh religion. All copies are matched to
> the original handwritten one. It is scientifically impossible for any
> known being to write a book with all the qualities found in the Guru
> Granth Sahib Ji. Below are some of those amazing qualities: Read more …

Kulwant Dhesi is correct to warn us that today sikhi is at a crossroads

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Kulwant Dhesi is correct
to warn us that today Sikhi is at a crossroads

- Dr.
Gurnam Singh
Sikh Channel Presenter

I would like to begin by saying how much I
agree with Kulwant Dhesi’s analysis of the threat being posed by the deredars. I am no fan of any one parcharak, Sarabjit Singh Dhunda
or anybody else, but I do reserve the right to question and challenge anybody’s
protestations on the teachings of our Guru’s. And so if I claim that right, how
can I justify not offering the same right to others. Sikhi is bult on the
tenants of dialogue or ‘vichar’, as Guru Ji states, Read more …

Asant – Anaaree

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Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the most valuable gift to the Sikhs by our Gurus, since Gurbani is the only ideal way to remember Akal Purakh constantly and continuously. The Guru teaches us very beautifully how to attach to Akal Purakh, how to keep that attachment intact and how to detach from the world we are put in. Gurbani covers all the aspect of our life that teaches us jeevan jaach.
Read more …

Aasa Ki Vaar – Spiritual aspiration

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The core theme of Asa-ki-var is: “How to become a spiritual person” and clean the filth of Mind. In Aassa Ki Vaar, Guru Nanak warns us against blind follow-ship of the rituals and tricks of pundits and monks. The most important thing is how to construct one’s character and eliminate the obstacles such as our ego, selfishness or conceit. Even orthodox people, who are outwardly superior and kind, often suffer from religious pride. Read more …

Giaan Khand meh Giaan Parchund!

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The term knowledge has a specific meaning as indicated by the Gurbani; which is different than the general meaning of this word as understood by many of us. Generally the knowledge is connected to education; knowledge and education have specific meanings. Education is the collection of data or information by sense organs, which can be imparted to a person by training. From spiritual standpoint, knowledge is wisdom that can be discovered from gurbani by a GurSikh, which has totality and completeness. The purpose or use of gurbani knowledge is to bring about inner transformation. When the mind is engaged in Wisdom, it sheds all mental dispositions or conditioning and returns to its Original Nature as Pure Consciousness (Mool). Such person, the knower of the Truth is called Giaanee, Gurmukh, Enlightened or God-conscious person, such person renounces his Ahambudh (egotism) and eliminates falsehood. Read more …

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