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Vishav Punjabi Smalen 2018

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Sikh Saheedi Divas img

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Sikh Saheedi Smagam

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Annual General Meeting

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Annual Meeting Notice

Vishav Sikh Sheedi Divas Programme

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When: Thursday, December 26, 2013 1:00-4:00 PM

Where: Grand Taj Banquet Hall, 8388-128th Street Surrey BC

Contact Information for further information:

Satnam Singh Johal 604-307-3800 / Manjit Singh Khaira 604-842-9958

Jasbir Singh Gandham 604-723-5844 / Kirpal Singh Garcha 604-574-2272


Please click the link below for more details

Vishav Sikh Sheedi Divas

Gadhar Lehar Conference – March 16, 2013

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Presented Papers

The Indian Mutiny of 1857 and the Sikhs – Ganda Singh

Survellience of Indian Nationalist 1908 to 1918 – Hugh Johnston

Social and Political Lives of Punjabi Settlers of the Columbia River, Oregon 1910-1920 – Johana Ogden

Sketches on Sikh Gadrites in North America – Sohan Singh Pooni

Sikh Pioneers and the Crisis of Leadership – Dr. Amrik Singh

Sant Teja Singh – Dr. Amrik Singh

Role of Gadarites In Babbar Akali Movement and Indian Independence Struggle – Baljit Singh & G. Singh

Relevance of Sikh Ideology for the Gadar Movement – J S Grewal

Reevaluating Origin & Inspiration of Sikh Gadar 1907 to 1918 – Dr. Jasbir Singh Mann

Martyrdom of Sikhism an Influence on Gadar Lehar Newspapers – Gurvinder Singh

Kamagata Maru Da Dukhant – Puran Singh

It Takes a Massacre The Sikhs are Really Americans Now – Harold Gould

Gadar Movement Role of Media and Literature – Gurmel Sidhu

Gadar Lehar and Lala Har Dayal – JS Hundal

Central Role of Gurudwaras in Sikh Gadar Lehar 1907-1918 – Rajwinder Singh Rahi

Canadian Shaheed Mewa Singh – Sohan Singh Pooni

Bellingham Riots – Paul Englesber






Abstracts of Scholar’s papers,Mar 16th conference

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Topics & Speakers Brief Profiles

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Sikh Gadhar Lehar (1907-1918) Educational Programme

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¬†Sikh Gadhar Lehar¬†1907-1918 Read more …

Gadhar Movement / Gurmat Sikhlai Course

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Gurmat Sikhlai Course

The Canadian Sikh Study and Teaching Society is pleased to announce the start of a Gurmat Sikhlai Course (gurmiq isKlweI kors). Gurbani, Gurmat Philosophy, Gurus and Sikh History will be taught. Students will also practice Katha Vikhan where they may do gurmat parchar in the sangat. Read more …


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