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Panch Maar Sukh Paa-i-aa

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Panch Maar Sukh


God has given us body mind and soul, mind keeps wandering, body keeps running
behind and soul feels hungry. If soul remains hungry for long, our life will
mess-up. The purpose of life is to make wandering mind wonderful by feeding
soul with Naam. Read more …

Religion: facts of Fanaticism

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Religion: Facts of Fanaticism!

India being the
land of many religions, time and again there one religion tries to suppress the
other. Read more …

Suni-ai dookh paap kaa naas.

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Suni-ai dookh paap kaa naas.
‘Suni-ai’ and
‘Mannai’ are two important factors in Gurmat.

‘Suni-ai’ is
about Naam as revealed by Guru Amardas in GGS. Read more …

Gurmat is Divince Grace

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gurmat is the Supreme, invisible gift of divine knowledge (Giaan) with profound
energy. Read more …

Scholar’s papers read on conference Mar 16, 2013

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Puta Mata ki Asis

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Puta Mata ki Asis!

ਪੂਤਾ ਮਾਤਾ ਕੀ ਆਸੀਸ


This is another
popular shabad we love to hear on our child’s birthday! Read more …

Sikh Gadhar Lehar (1907-1918) Educational Programme

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 Sikh Gadhar Lehar 1907-1918 Read more …

Bertrand Russel on Granth Sahib and Sikhism

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Bertrand Russel On Granth Sahib & Sikhism

Bertrand Russel was awarded the Nobel Prize fot Literaure in 1950

He said “If some lucky men survive the onslaught of the third world war of atomic and hydrogen bombs, the SIKH religion will be the ONLY means of guiding them. Read more …

Love in the Fear of god

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There is Love in Fear of God!

Guru Nanak: God Himself creates the world, and He himself takes care of it.
Without the God’s Fear, doubt is not dispelled, and love for His Name is not
embraced. Through the Satguru, the Fear of God wells up (within), and the Door
of Salvation is realized. Read more …

Lakh Khusee-aa Paatsaahee-aa

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Lakh khusee-aa paatisaahee-aa!

The popular Shabad we all love to here on almost all kind of auspicious occasions in our family, but we never try to understand the true message of Guru, that what kind of these Khushee-aa that too that of paatisaahee-aa, (Sache-Patsaah-Akal Purakh) that Guru is looking for! Gurbani is addressed to our subtle body (mind & soul), and not to our physical body or mundane (Sansaar). We need to understand what is in store for us in this divine message! For this we need to engross and contemplate in context of our inner soul to understand the spirit of Gurmat.
lakh khusee-aa paatisaahee-aa jay satgur nadar karay-i.
Tens of thousands of divine happiness and tons of peace one can enjoy, by the Grace and divine Glance of Akal Purakh.
sabhay thok paraapatay jay aavai ik hath. Read more …


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