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The importance of education in today’s society cannot be overstated.  Besides the economic advantages of the educated, knowledge, critical analysis, and the ability to learn is now required in day-to-day decision making.  The Panjabi-Sikh community in Vancouver has especially been under-represented in the various colleges and universities across the Lower Mainland.  Without educated professionals, the Panjabi-Sikh community has not progressed in becoming leaders, educators, and sources of inspiration within the larger Canadian community.


“Salvation can only by gained by education and knowledge…” – Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji


The Saturday Morning Homework Club began as a way to for children in Vancouver to get help with their homework.  It started in September 2011, and has grown from a few children per week to a steady, consistent group.  We have college and university educated volunteers that have been through the BC Education System and know the challenges that today’s children face.  However, the purpose of the Homework Club goes beyond getting better grades at school.  The following is a partial list of our goals:

  • To instill the importance of education in children
  • To provide a consistent time and place where children can focus on their school work
  • To provide children help with homework
  • To provide mentorship and guidance to children who face challenges growing up in the Lower Mainland
  • To develop confidence in children so that they can face any issues they encounter
  • To develop a sense of community and awareness in children
  • To provide an atmosphere where children can become positive and social being
  • To provide a place where children can develop friendships
  • To provide students with mentors that look like them and have strong affiliations with community, sharing, and ethics



The Saturday Morning Homework Club meets every Saturday from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM.  We are located at:

#108-1083 East Kent Avenue North

Vancouver, BC

This program is available free of charge to any child from Grade 4-Grade 12.  Please contact us for details and enrollment.




We are continually looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with our program.  All of our volunteers to date have been university educated.  They have a passion for working with children, and have the ability to help children, even when children do not necessarily seek assistance.  If interested, please contact us for details.






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