Gadhar Lehar Conference – March 16, 2013

Presented Papers

The Indian Mutiny of 1857 and the Sikhs – Ganda Singh

Survellience of Indian Nationalist 1908 to 1918 – Hugh Johnston

Social and Political Lives of Punjabi Settlers of the Columbia River, Oregon 1910-1920 – Johana Ogden

Sketches on Sikh Gadrites in North America – Sohan Singh Pooni

Sikh Pioneers and the Crisis of Leadership – Dr. Amrik Singh

Sant Teja Singh – Dr. Amrik Singh

Role of Gadarites In Babbar Akali Movement and Indian Independence Struggle – Baljit Singh & G. Singh

Relevance of Sikh Ideology for the Gadar Movement – J S Grewal

Reevaluating Origin & Inspiration of Sikh Gadar 1907 to 1918 – Dr. Jasbir Singh Mann

Martyrdom of Sikhism an Influence on Gadar Lehar Newspapers – Gurvinder Singh

Kamagata Maru Da Dukhant – Puran Singh

It Takes a Massacre The Sikhs are Really Americans Now – Harold Gould

Gadar Movement Role of Media and Literature – Gurmel Sidhu

Gadar Lehar and Lala Har Dayal – JS Hundal

Central Role of Gurudwaras in Sikh Gadar Lehar 1907-1918 – Rajwinder Singh Rahi

Canadian Shaheed Mewa Singh – Sohan Singh Pooni

Bellingham Riots – Paul Englesber






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