Sikh Gadhar Lehar (1907-1918) Educational Programme

 Sikh Gadhar Lehar 1907-1918

India Banquet hall

Time 8.30AM-5.30PM

13030, 76th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 2V6


1.“ The 1907 Bellingham Riot and Anti-Asian Hostilities in the Pacific Northwest”; by  Dr. Paul Englesberg

2. “Surveillance of Indian nationalists in North America 1908 to 1918” Dr. Hugh Johnston

3. “Social and Political Lives of Sikh Settlers around Columbia River, Oregon 1910-1920; Dr. Johanna Ogden

4. “Reevaluating Origin and Inspiration of Sikh Gadar 1907-1918 and North American Sabotage by Germans 1914-1917” ; Dr.  Jasbir Singh Mann

5. “Gadar Media and Literature”;Dr.  Gurmel Singh  Sidhu

6. Kamagatamaru Da Dukhant atey Sikh Gadar Lehar” (Gurmukhi);  Dr. Pooran Singh Gill

7.  “Sant Teja Singh 1906-1912,Sikh Pioneers and the Crisis of Leadership” ; Dr.Amrik singh  Singh

8. Central Role of Gurudwaras In Gadar  Lehar 1907-1917 (Gurmukhi)- Rajwinder Singh Rahi

9. North American   Gadrian Da  Rekha CHITAR ( Gurmukhi); Prof. Sohan Singh Pooni

10.Gadar Movement and Lala hardyal: Life ,Activty and Ideology” Jatinder Singh Hundal

11. “Gadarites’ Dreams in Babbar Akali Lehar and the Reality of Independence Movement”         Dr.Baljeet S. Sahi


Brief Bio data of speakers

1. Dr. Hugh Johnston is a professor emeritus in history at Simon Fraser University, where he taught full-time from 1968 and continues to teach in the Seniors Program. He is author of several books, including The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada’s Colour Bar (1989), The Four Quarters of the Night: the Life Story of an Emigrant Sikh (1995), Radical Campus: Making Simon Fraser University (2005), and Jewels of the Qila: The Remarkable Story of an Indo-Canadian Family (2011). He is currently working on a biography of Kapoor Singh, a Sikh pioneer, mill owner and philanthropist.

2. Dr. Paul Englesberg is professor of education at Walden University, specializing in adult and higher education, and educational research. Previously he was on the education faculty at Western Washington University where he initiated the Asian American Curriculum and Research Project. He has also taught in several universities in Taiwan and China. He has conducted research on the history of Asian Americans in the Pacific northwest of the U.S., focusing especially on the 1907 riots and expulsion of the majority-Sikh population from Bellingham and Everett in Washington State.

3. Dr Gurmel Singh Sidhu is a Professor of Biology at California State University, Fresno. He is also a Director of Research and Development for Greek and Turkish biotech companies. Dr. Sidhu has written several scientific books, including Genetics of Pathogenic Fungi (1986), AIDS: A Miserable Disease (2003), Life and Cloning (2004), and DNA: The Language of Life (2006). He has also authored over 150 scientific papers for a range of scientific journals. Dr. Sidhu is also a renowned and highly accomplished literary critic who has authored nine books of poetry, edited another nine, and written over 100 literary articles and reviews.

4. Dr. Amrik Singh is a Professor of Punjabi and ethnic studies at California State University, Sacramento. He holds a Ph.D. in English. Formerly president for two years of the Punjabi Literary Society of California, he is also active in the Punjabi American Heritage Society. A journalist for The Ambedkar Times and The Sacramento Examiner, Dr. Singh pursues study of Sikh-Americans, globalization, the history and socio-politics of India, and a range of other issues.

5. Dr. Jasbir Singh Mann is an orthopedic surgeon, practicing since 1980, and a scholar and writer on Sikh issues. His articles have appeared in a range of journals, including Nishaan, The Sikh Review, and Abstracts of Sikh Studies, and in several books. He has co-edited four books on Sikhism and arranged many international Sikh Studies conferences including in 1988, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, and 2004. A recipient in 2001 of a D.Lit. (Honoris causa) from Punjabi University, Patiala for his contributions to Sikh studies, he is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a Fellow of the International College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of International Physicians.

6. Prof. Sohan Singh Pooni lives in Vancouver and is an expert on the Gadar history. Formerly a history professor in Punjab, he is author of “Canada De Gadri Yodhay” (2011), a book about how the Ghadar combatants from Canada played a part in the formation of the Ghadar Party movement.

7. Jatinder Singh Hundal is an Electronics Engineer by profession. He graduated from Oregon State in 1985. He is currently based in Sacramento as a professional with the State of California. His field of study deals with Sikh Numismatics and history of the community’s struggle for survival. His articles on technical and community issues have appeared in international technical and academic publications. Actively involved in tracing the roots of Sikh sovereignty through linking of history of Sikh Numismatic to current under waves within the community for a homeland. He has been an active participant in community events since 1984 and is involved/aligned with organization dedicated to bringing justice to community’s ill treatment.

    8.Rajwinder Singh Rahi is a writer and journalist from India whose many literary achievements include writing for Daily Ajit and Aj Di Awaz and authoring “Ghadar Lehar Di Asli Gatha (The Real Story of Ghadar Movement)” Volumes I-III (2012), “Meri Ram Kahani (The Story of My Life)” (2012), “Jithe Pash Rehnda Hai (Critique of Poet Pash’s Life and Ideology)” (2007), “Punjab Di Pug – Jaswant Singh Kanwal” (2010), and “Chaunh Killian Te Usriya Tibba” (short stories) (1987). In addition to the above, he has also published numerous articles on literary and contemporary historical issues have been published in various newspapers and reputed magazine, as well as presented literary papers at academic conferences in the UK.

 9.Dr. Baljeet S. Sahi is a practicing veterinarian in California and President of Sikhs for Preservation of Sikhism and Sikh Heritage, a watchdog organization for Sikh and Punjabi Studies and Sikh politico-religious affairs in Diaspora. He is also the spokesperson for Coalition of Gurdwaras of California and a correspondent with World Sikh News. He has been actively involved in Sikh affairs from past twenty years with special interests in “Sociopolitical impact of Sikh religious studies in western nations”, and “Societal understanding of Sikh religion and politics in Diaspora”. He has lectured on various subjects related to Sikh Studies, sociopolitical affairs, and Sikhism at Yuba City (2005), Chaffy College Rancho Cucamonga (2006), Chandler School Pasadena (2008), University of California Riverside (2008), and Stockton California (2012). His current focus is post Guru history of Sikhs, particularly their armed resistance to suppression in pre and post-independent India and is keenly working on a book.

  10. DR. Pooran Singh Gill—— Ph.d in History, M.A. History & Political Science, Bachelor of Library Science & Diploma in Religious study. Editor of Sikh Marg, Retired as Cataloguer from Asian Library of UBC, Served as a lecturer (Political science) and Librarian 1974-1976. Served as an Editor of a monthly magazine ‘The Western Sikh Samachar.’He is author of Kiv Sachiara Hoi (The Art of Living), Sikh Darshan di Vilakhanta (The Uniqueness of Sikh Philosophy), Dharmak Sanskaran Naal Jure Veham te Bharm (Myths of Superstitions in Religious Rites) Sikh Nawan da Kosh ( The Dictionary of Sikh Personal Names), Komagata Maru da Dukhant (The Tragedy of Komagata Maru -1914), Parja andi Gian Bin, Punjabi sabhiachaar wich Trairaran. Besides books he has also published many articles in various monthly Magazines and Newspapers.


 11. Dr. Johanna Ogden———-is a long-time community activist and independent, regional
historian based in Portland, Oregon.  Her
recent work focuses on Punjabi, and largely Sikh, settlers in the Columbia
River Basin, their involvement in the formation of the Ghadar Party in Astoria,
Oregon, and the historical erasure of their presence and contributions.  Her previous research has centered on
domestic wartime issues in the Pacific Northwest, including WWII war resisters
and the arrival of Mexican contract laborers coincident with Japanese
internment.  Her work has been supported
by various Canadian and U.S. grants, appeared in the Oregon Historical
Quarterly and Michigan State University Press, and included in professional
Western historical conferences and popular venues.   She is
M.A. (History)UBC and B.A.  Summa
cum laude,
Portland State University, Oregon



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