Indira Gandhi and Sikhs

Indira gandhi and Sikhs :


“There are  three types of persons in this world: those, who confess their own
faults and mention the excellence of others, are the highest type;
those, who highlight their own excellence and decry the  faults of
others, are worse; those, who parade their own faults as excellence
and deride the excellence in others as faults, are the worst. The last type
is nowadays most rampant.”  Indira Gandhi was one of this last type.

In fact Indira had
animosity with Sikhs in general as they were the only community who opposed the
emergency in 1975 when all his opponents were terrorized by her. Sikhs
protested in large numbers and filled jails in Punjab. Before this Indira
Gandhi was debarred by a historical verdict by Chief Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha
of Allahabad high Court in 1975 and banned her to contest any election for the
next six years but this cunning lady instead of following the Court orders
declared emergency in India and became a dictator. All the important senior
leaders of opposition were arrested and sent behind bars. Press was censored.
The propagandist department of Congress govt.—the Home Ministry gave a slogan
….INDIA IS INDIRA AND INDIRA IS INDIA but the great India is still there but
where is this Indira?

Indira was called
Durga by Atal Bihari Vajpayi for this historical victory in war against
Pakistan in 1971 but whether we Indians were not duped as we released the 97000
soldiers of Pakistan but our Indian PoWs in Pakistan languishes in jails since
1965/71? Who is responsible for this national shame? Are the Chiefs (all of
them irrespective of the color of Uniform), bureaucrats, politicians and Indira
herself not responsible for this? What were our Chief(s) and Adjt
Generals doing when 97000 Pakistanis were released from Indian camps in 1973-74
and we never bothered to get back our 54?
 Why NO efforts were
made by them to get our boys back? What prevented them to pressurize Govt. of
the DAY to seek release of these 54? Why did Indira not persuaded for the release
of our men in uniform from Pakistani jails?  I wonder how could
Indira and then successive govts of India dropped this issue of first
importance to nation of safe release of all Indian POWs in Pakistani Jails?
This shameful incident is the result of sheer negligence to our men in uniform
who fought for the nation but abandoned by our govt. to be rotten in jails of
enemy land.


Due to her bias
thoughts against Sikh religion, she made all attempts to eliminate Sikhs in her
life. Ultimately she paid the price by her life on invading Darbar sahib at
Amritsar but she was proved a vampire even after her death when more then
20,000 innocent Sikhs were also massacred in 1984. She embraced Islam at her
marriage with Feroz and her new name was Maimuna Begum. She also paid a visit
to give her tributes at the grave of Mogul emperor Babul in Afghanistan. It was
revealed by K. Natwar Singh. She went before Babur’s grave, stood there for a
few minutes with head bent down in reverence. Natwar Singh stood behind her. When
Indira had finished her prayers, she turned back and told Singh “Today we have
had our brush with history.” Worth to mention that Babur was the founder of
Mogul rule in India, from which the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty have descended.

Ashwin kumar, the
former President of Indian hockey Federation and who was a DIG in Border
Security Force revealed in April 2006 in a seminar organized to honor 10 Sikh
Hockey Olympians which is the evidence to prove that Indira had enmity with


“In 1974 when I was
an Inspector-General in the Border Security Force I received a call from the
Prime Minister’s Office that Mrs Indira Gandhi wanted to see me urgently that

“I was on an
inspection visit to some border posts in Kashmir near Gulmarg. I was stunned at
this SOS from the PMO. A chopper flew me from Gulmarg to Srinagar from where I
took a regular flight of the Indian Airlines to New Delhi. “I could not guess
the reason for the summons. There was not much happening in either the Border
Security Force or Jammu and Kashmir. Anyway, I reached Delhi and went to call
on the Prime Minister at the appointed time.

“After a formal
exchange of greetings, I mustered some courage to ask the Prime Minister:
’Madam, you asked for me. Is there anything specific?’ “No, nothing much. The
only reason I have called you here is to tell you that the Education Minister
recently pointed out to me that you have been recruiting too many Sikh hockey
players,’ said Mrs Gandhi.

“I kept quiet though
I was very upset. I returned to the guest house and signed my letter of
resignation from the post of president of the Indian

Hockey Federation
(IHF) and sent it immediately to the then President of the Indian Olympic
Association, Raja Bhalinder Singh. All my friends in sports in general and
hockey in particular advised me against this step. But I was determined. I had
so much faith and trust in my hockey players, most of whom were Sikhs. I could
not have left them down.

“The contribution
of Sikhs to Indian hockey has always been immense and I salute them.”

Veer Sanghvi – who
is an editor of India’s leading news paper ‘The Hindustan Times’ once he
interviewed Sonia Gandhi the daughter in law of Mrs. Indira. This video is
available on youtube also. In thisi interview Sonia Gandhi herself admits that
Indira used to give tips to her son Rajiv Gandhi to what to do in case of her
sudden death as she was feared of her assassination by Sikhs who could avenge
the attack on Golden temple with her life so she used to give lessons to her
son to how to avenge Sikhs after her sudden demise. The highly decorated posts
were already being adorned by her trustworthy appointed faithful bureaucrats
and other senior posts in Police, Army and security forces. These trustworthy
officers could give their services to fulfill the ambitions of Rajiv Gandhi and
help him to achieve his goal. Their loyalty was with Indira and her family not
with nation.

Akali Dal is the
only largest political and religious party of Sikhs in India which has the
responsibility to safe guard interests of the Sikhs worldwide. Due to changing
political scenario in Punjab and by discrimination with Sikhs and then due to
interference of Central govt. of Delhi into state matters, it tabled a draft of
Anandpur Sahib resolution while the core of the basic resolutions passed by its
working committee at Anandpur Sahib in 1973 (October 16-17, 1973) namely
attainment of special Constitutional state for the Sikhs to ensure their growth
in accordance with their own socio-spiritual traditions and tenets was fully
endorsed by the General House of the Shiromani Akali Dal, the scope of the
greater autonomy to the state of Punjab for the aforesaid purpose was widened
to include all the states.

It was endorsed in the form of a succession of resolutions at the 18th All
India Akali Conference of the Shiromani Akali Dal at Ludhiana on 28-29 October,


Thus, the shape and
scope of the Anandpur Sahib resolution as tit finally emerged out of the
Ludhiana meet of the Shiromani Akali Dal envisaged;


The attainment of
pre-eminence of the Khalsa through special constitutional safeguards and powers
for the Sikhs.


2.  Greater
autonomy to all the states by recasting the Centre-State relations on the basis
of limited powers for the Centre.


adopted, in the light of the Anandpur Sahib Resolution, at open session of the
18th All India Akali Conference held at Ludhiana on October 28-29, 1978, under
Jathedar Jagdev Singh Talwandi as President.


It was not accepted
by govt. of India. If it had been accepted the interference of center in State
matters would have stopped with immediate effect. Earlier the govts of many
states were fallen by the misuse of article 356 by center and president rule
was imposed. All this was intentionally done for re-election in states and then
pave way for Congress to return in power.


This resolution was
refused by Indira govt.


Now some efforts
were made to normalize the relations of the state with center by Akalis.
Whenever a meeting was held, the Akali Dal always gave its consent to all the
proposals but the Indira govt. always ignored those proposals in later stage
and blamed the Akalis for breakaway of commitments. And then Sikhs and Akali
Dal were defamed by govt. controlled All India Radio and the TV Doordarshan. In
the end Sikhs were sure of betrayals by Indira and her cabinet so they
concluded that Indira was not having any interest to sort out the Punjab
problem but in fact her govt. was blood thirsty of Sikhs.


Due to her this
mean thoughts, she tried to justify the attack of army on Golden Temple and
that she wanted to wipe out the Sikh militants (extremists) from this sacred
place and thus army action was necessary.  Whether the govt. would like to
answer if the army attack on Golden temple was to wipe out extremists from this
sacred place then why did it attack on more then 40 other important historical
Gurudwaras all over the Punjab at the same time, this was given the code name
‘Operation Wood rose’? Why the Amritdhari Sikhs (The persons of Sikh religion
wearing all the five mandatory signs of a Sikh) of all ages, males and females
were killed in every corner of Punjab?


The attack was to
take place regardless Sardar Gurdev Singh, District Magistrate at Amritsar
until shortly before the invasion, is on record (letter addressed to I.K.
Gujral, dated 26 January 1996, published in Abstract of Sikh Studies,
Chandigarh, October-December 1996, pp. 106-111) as having assured the Governor
of the state That he could arrest anyone in Darbar Sahib at any time. When Sardar
Gurdev Singh told Governor Pandey that if the object was to arrest
Bhindranwale, there was no need for the Army to act and that he could do it;
the Governor is said to have replied: “That is not the point”. In any case, at
the time of the attack, there was no court case or summons against Sant
Bhindranwale. Is it reasonable for a government to send in the Army to
devastate a religious place because it is allegedly controlled by a person
against whom it has no legal charges?


Is it criminal to
be popular? Should a person and all his associates be condemned to death for
this crime? We need to ponder over it.


To make the attack
acceptable to the general public in India, the Sant had to be shown up as a
Frankenstein. When governments have to kill popular persons they have to first
criminalize them in the eyes of the public. Even in the case of Siri Guru Tegh
Bahadur Saihb, the government at that time described him as a dacoit engaged in
plunder to justify his beheading. In the case of Sant Bhindranwale, this was
systematically done with cooperation from the Akalis. The massacre of Sikhs
that followed was to teach a lesson to this troublesome minority. According to
Joyce Pettigrew: “The army went into Darbar Sahib not to eliminate a political
figure or a political movement but to suppress the culture of people, to attack
their heart, to strike a blow at their spirit and self-confidence.”




The attack on the
Golden Temple was in plans even before the armed Sikh militants fortified


S K Sinha was the
General Officer Commanding Western Command, a prestigious appointment in the
early eighties, and was transferred to Delhi as the Vice Chief of Army Staff,
with the expectation that he would succeed General K. V. Krishna Rao as the
Army Chief.


He was supposed to
familiarize himself with the office of the Army Chief. It was a surprise when
he was superseded and Lt.-Gen. A. S. Vaidya, the GOC-in-C Eastern Command was
appointed as the Chief of Army Staff. General S. K. Sinha submitted his
resignation and elected to lead a retired life.


Then GOC of the
Indian Army, S.K. Sinha, who was sacked on the eve of the attack for being
critical of it, had criticized the Government’s projection of the attack
as “Last resort”; and stated that the attack was in plans 1 year and 6
months prior to the actual day of attack. S. K. Sinha and Mark Tully
report that the army had been rehearsing the attack for this time in the
replica of Golden Temple they had built at a secret location near Chakrata
Cantonment in the Doon Valley.


He disclosed in his
book, that the preparations to attack on this holiest shrine were being made
for the last 18 months. A model of this shrine was temporarily built at
Chakrata, a hill station 90 kms. far from Dehra Dun where the army was
rehearsing to attack and a complete information was given of the inside of this
complex of Golden temple to soldiers, made them familiar with topography of the
complex when it attacks. In other meanings, the strategy to attack on holiest shrine
was planned much before the Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwala shifted to Sri
Akal Takhat and made his Head Quarter. The Govt itself created such
circumstances through false propaganda and provocations in Punjab to justify
the army attack and to teach a lesson to Sikh nation whereas the need was to
learn a lesson by Indira herself and the Indian govt.


Indira Gandhi had
first asked Lt. Gen. S.K. Sinha, then Vice-Chief of Indian Army who was
then slated to succeed as the Army chief, to  prepare a position paper for
assault on the Golden Temple. Lt. Gen.  S K Sinha advised against any such
move, given the sacrilegious outlook from Sikhs and non-Sikhs around the
world – the shrine is unique in the world that it is not only open to
people of all faiths, but  revered by all as well.


He suggested the
government to adopt an alternative solution. A controversial decision was
made to replace him immediately with Gen. Arun Vaidya as the Chief of the
Indian Army. Gen. Vaidya was assisted by Lt. Gen. K. Sunderjee as
Vice-Chief. Operation Blue Star was eventually planned and controlled by


The Generals of
Indian army had assured the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi that
they will get control of Akal Takhat sahib within just half an hour only and shall
arrest Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwala dead or alive. Indira Gandhi had
given such orders to General Vaidya, the Commanding officer in chief of Indian
army as;


“I don’t give a
damn if the Golden Temple and whole of Amritsar are destroyed, I want Bhindranwale
dead.” (Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, communicating with Gen. Vaidya
during “Operation Blue Star”)


Indira gandhi
ordered attack on the sanctum sactorium of Sikh religion—The Darbar sahib
(Golden temple) on the martyrdom day of fifth Guru—Sri Arjan Dev ji of Sikh
religion, thus she proved her enmity. Due to this attack both sides had to
suffer heavy casuality. This attack was given the code name as “Operation Blue
star”. Lieutinent General Kuldip Singh Brar (Major General then) who himself
was born in a Sikh family but had discarded his parents religion commanded it.
He disclosed the number of wounded and died in his book, “ Saaka Neela Taara”
in Punjabi language. He disclosed the dead soldiers 15307 and wounded 17897, 43
officers were also killed whereas the number of civilians killed by army was
also in thousands but the Sikh youths who stopped the advance of Indian army
for 72 hrs were only numbering in 200-250 only. They retaliated consequently
for 72 hrs. They had not got any army training, If the youngest among was only
10 years old, the oldest was above 70 years of age. They were given training by
a retired Sikh Major General Shubeg Singh who was senior to KS Brar Shubeg
singh ji trained Mukti wahini of Bangla Desh (East Pakistan) in 1971 war and he
was master in gurilla war tactics.

There is no doubt
that Indian army suffered a heavy loss due to indira Gandhi’s decision to
attack on Golden temple. I remember the Military hospital all over northern
India were full with wounded soldiers. General K Sunder ji also confirmed the
number of high casualities. In a press conference soon after the Operation blue
Star on June 6 at Chandigarh, he admitted in a very sad tone that his 20% army
is killed in this operation. And that the army had not got such loss in all its
previous battles fought with Pakistan. He also paid his homage by his words of
appraisal in honor to these Sikh warriors as… “If any army has such brave
warriors, it won’t lose any battle.”

General Brar ——-
when asked by reporters if large number of Sikhs surrendered –HE SHOT Back that
-”They fought very strongly-nobody surrendered”.


But it seems that
Indira had realized her fault and she had come to know that her end was not
far. But she never learnt a lesson from her historical mistake instead she kept
on giving the details to avenge with Sikhs in case if she gets assassinated
untimely — she kept on guiding and kept the preparations on to avenge with
Sikhs in secret meetings with her trusted bureaucrats and high officials in
army and Police. It’s evident from the voter lists distributed to congress
workers the next day of her assassination on 1st November 1984. These voter
lists had the details of business houses, homes, factories of Sikhs and were
marked. There were no computers and not high speed Photostat machines at that
time so these voter lists were prepared after a hard work of months.


All these
preparations were made secretly and the help of their trustworthy people was
only taken otherwise thousands of Sikhs and Punjabi people are employed in
Delhi administration and it could be difficult to keep this secret. It seems
this work was secretly done under supervision of Ministry of Home Affairs.
These voter lists were seen in the hands of hired goons and killing squads of
Congress on 1st November 1984. Therefore it’s not difficult to assume their


According to Dr. Sangat
Singh, the assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984 pre-empted
Indira’s Operation Shanti all over India by a week


By implementation
this plan Indira could keep herself safe from Sikhs and defame them as anti
national and clean her image in majority Hindus. Thus she could assure whole
India that only she is a patriot and think of prosperity of nation but the
Sikhs are traitors and then a large scale holocaust of Sikhs could be organized
or the Sikhs would have been cornered by a social boycott appeal.  So this
Operation Shanti was prepared which included a war against Pakistan. This plan
was to be organized on birth day of founder of Sikh religion Guru Nanak Dev ji
which was falling on 8th Nov. in 1984.  This plan was a top secret and had
been shared with Chief of Army staff General AS Vaidya and some loyal
administrative officers other than her loyal cabinet ministers. Though a high
level secrecy was maintained to keep it top secret but it was leaked to some
high ups in administration and they informed to their close friends to save
their families.


Indira drew a
diabolical plan, named ’Operation Shanti’, to carry out a general
massacre of the Sikhs, of genocidal proportions, around November 8, when the
Sikhs would assemble in various Gurdwaras for Guru Nanak’s birthday


In October 1984,
there was a massive deployment of army at the border and war with Pakistan
looked imminent. There was a rumor that the Center had conceived a genocidal
intention towards the Sikhs —– the plan was like this: large scale clashes
would be raised all along the Punjab border with Pakistan; it would be
publicized that the Sikhs had revolted and joined hands with the Pak forces,
and then they would be slaughtered and bombed by the Indian army and subjected
to loot and massacre all over India.


The Sikhs all over
Punjab, especially in Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Ferozepur, Kapurthala and Jalandhar
districts were to be subjected to massive aerial bombardment, apart from being
slaughtered by army and para military forces. The Sikhs all over India were to
be subjected to mass scale massacre, loot, arson and incendiarism by lumpen
elements organized by Youth Congress(I) activists. Elaborate preparations were
made by Youth Congress (I) network all over India; they were to await a coded
signal to start mayhem.


The plan was
discussed with certain army generals who advised Indira against it. They
pointed out that Nazis had used gas chambers to finish off the Jews, but had
not been able to do so. And, her plan to finish off the Sikhs in one go would
only club her name with that of Hitler. But she was unrelenting.


Significantly, Zia
ul Haq stated at Indira’s funeral that it was with great difficulty that
he had been able to avert a war with India. 


His then No. 2, Ghulam
Ishaq Khan, after demitting the office of President of Pakistan in July 1993,
stated that Indira had planned to attack Pakistan but was shot dead some
ten days before the D-Day.

Whereas Indira
Gandhi had discussed a plan to air attack on border districts of Punjab to kill
Sikhs and than to attack on Pakistan. (code name — Operation Shanti, which
is already discussed). It was leaked to Beant Singh who with the help of
Satwant Singh assassinated Indira Gandhi to save his community from defamation
and the nation from another war with Pakistan. Thanks to both of them.


How indira was


Radio BBC announced
a news on 31st October 1984 that Indira was no more, she had been assassinated
by her two Sikh body guards and a clean shaved person to-day in the morning in
a shoot out at her residence.


It was easy to know
that there were two Sikhs in her assassinators but the Indian security agencies
are silent till date about the identity of this third clean shaved person?


The Indian
embassies all over the world were informed by a telex message at 11.00 am that
two Sikhs and a clean shaved person was involved in assassination of Indira
Gandhi. The identity of these two Sikh persons was disclosed but who was that
third person? Why any official information of his identity is never revealed?
This question was raised at number one in its list of questionnaire, consisting
38 questions sent to Nanavati commission formed officially on 08-05-2000 to
probe on Sikh riots by former justice R S Narula of Punjab and Haryana High


Both these Sikh
body guards were Beant Singh and Satwant Singh. Both were from Delhi police.
Beant Singh was a Sub-Inspector and he was appointed in security staff of
Indira Gandhi since 1980. Satwant Singh was a new recruit. And only a few days
ago, he was transferred in the security staff of Indira Gandhi. Beant Singh
shot from his service revolver whereas Satwant Singh fired from his carbine.
There is not any official information available on this third person involved
in assassination.


After killing Indira
Gandhi on the spot, both these assassins handed over themselves to other
security staff personals on duty. They were then taken into custody by ITBP
(INDO TIBETAN BORDER POLICE) personals. Without any protest, both of them
surrendered and spoke in a loud voice …”we have done whatever we wanted to do,
now you do whatever you want to do”. But the ITBP staff lost their patience on
looking Indira fallen on ground and in a pool of blood, they opened fire on
both of these unarmed men who were in their custody. Beant Singh was killed on
the spot whereas Satwant Singh received bullets in his backbone and was
seriously injured but alive. They were actually killed to wipe out the
evidences of involvement of other influential persons in this assassination,
the third clean shaved person was given the opportunity to run away from the


So far his identity
is not disclosed.

And lo both the
mass murderers duo mother Indira and her son Rajiv were given the highest award
Bharat Ratna posthumously and those who fought for nation were labelled
terrorists by ruling Congress in india.


Singh Randhawa

By: Ajmer
Singh Randhawa.

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