Lakh Khusee-aa Paatsaahee-aa

Lakh khusee-aa paatisaahee-aa!

The popular Shabad we all love to here on almost all kind of auspicious occasions in our family, but we never try to understand the true message of Guru, that what kind of these Khushee-aa that too that of paatisaahee-aa, (Sache-Patsaah-Akal Purakh) that Guru is looking for! Gurbani is addressed to our subtle body (mind & soul), and not to our physical body or mundane (Sansaar). We need to understand what is in store for us in this divine message! For this we need to engross and contemplate in context of our inner soul to understand the spirit of Gurmat.
lakh khusee-aa paatisaahee-aa jay satgur nadar karay-i.
Tens of thousands of divine happiness and tons of peace one can enjoy, by the Grace and divine Glance of Akal Purakh.
sabhay thok paraapatay jay aavai ik hath.
All things (Padaraths) are received if the Almighty God (Waheguru) is realized within, who is invisible formless reality.

janam padaarath safal hai jay sachaa sabad kath.
In this precious human birth Guru Wants we all to become successful with fruitful living while being remain engrossed in Shabad Guru.
gur tay mahal paraapatay jis likhi-aa hovai math (1).
By this Guru reminds us that only he is accepted in His abode, the one who has such destiny written on his forehead, the divine grace of Waheguru.
mayray man aykas si-o chit laa-ay.
In this line He asks human mind, “O my mind, engross and absorb in ONE (Akal Purakh), through Shabad Guru, focus your mind, your consciousness with concentrations”.
aykas bin sabh DhanDh hai sabh mithi-aa moh maa-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
In this line of rahaa-o, Guru declares that without the Almighty One God (Akal Purakh), every thing else is worthless; and is just emotional attachment to Maya, totally false and illusions. ||1||Pause||
lakh khusee-aa paatisaahee-aa jay satgur nadar karay-i.
Guru reminds Tens of thousands of divine happiness and quantum of peace one can enjoy, by the Grace and divine Glance of Akal Purakh.

nimakh ayk har naam day-ay mayraa man tan seetal ho-ay.
But only if He bless with the Name (Naam Daan) of the Lord, even for a moment, my mind and body will feel cool with ultimate divine peace.

jis ka-o poorab likhi-aa tin satgur charan gahay (2).
Further Guru guides that “Those who are blessed and predestined will remain engrossed in Shabad Guru till the last breath.

safal moorat saflaa gharhee jit sachay naal pi-aar.
Because when one is in love with Akal Purakh and remains engrossed in Shabad Guru, the very moment is true Amrit Vella, a time to enjoy the ambrosial nectar.
dookh santaap na lag-ee jis har kaa naam aDhaar.
Guru further affirms when engrossed and absorbed in shabad Guru, there will be no Suffering and Sorrow, with the Support of the Name of the Lord.

baah pakarh gur kaadhi-aa so-ee utri-aa paar (3).
And grasping him by the arm, the Guru moves him, and carries across to the other side; such is the profound power of Shabad Guru!
thaan suhaavaa pavit hai jithai sant sabhaa.
Really the place is immaculate where the Saints chant together and engross in Shabad Guru, such hearts are filled with spiritual wisdom.
dho-ee tis hee no milai jin pooraa guroo labhaa.
But He alone finds shelter, the one who enshrine and absorb in Shabad Guru with conscious mind, contemplations and concentrations.
naanak baDhaa ghar tahaaN jithai mirat na janam jaraa. (4)
Finally Guru reveals the secret of those Khuseeaa and utters “Oh my God says Nanak! When my soul comes back, would like to merge in your heavenly abode (the supreme soul). Because you are the only ONE, who is FREE from death, birth, and old age. This very divine power of yours is equal to tens of thousands of happiness and ultimate peace (lakh khusee-aa paatisaahee-aa) for me and every human being and that would be by your divine Grace and Glance.
So here the Khuseeaa does not belong to sansaarik padarathas but the ultimate peace, to merge in supreme soul and free from circle of repeated birth.

Mohan Singh (Homeopath)
Gurmat Learning (North)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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