Love in the Fear of god

There is Love in Fear of God!

Guru Nanak: God Himself creates the world, and He himself takes care of it.
Without the God’s Fear, doubt is not dispelled, and love for His Name is not
embraced. Through the Satguru, the Fear of God wells up (within), and the Door
of Salvation is realized. Through the God”s Fear, Sahaj (natural state of
Being) is realized, and one’s light merges into the Infinite Light. Through the
God’s Fear, reflecting on the Guru’s Teachings (Gurmat), the terrifying
world-ocean is crossed over. Through the God’s Fear, the Fearless Lord is
realized; He is Limitless. The self-willed Manmukhs do not appreciate the value
of the God’s Fear; burning in (the fire of Maya’s) desire, they weep and wail. (GGS:


Fears can be grouped in two categories — the Fear of
God and all other worldly fears. The Central to scriptural teachings of various
religions is to have the Fear of God. God’s Fear does not mean to be afraid of
God. It simply implies respect, Love, reverence, veneration for the Divine Law,
Hukam etc.


God’s Fear is the
Fear of the consequences of one’s Karma (Kaarmic actions, reactionary deeds,
wicked Karanee, Adharma etc.). God has set forth His Law of Karma (Hukam or
Eternal Law) governing human actions as a teaching mechanism to prevent
incarnate Souls from being entrapped forever in the outward pull of the
delusive Energy called Maya (duality-illusion). Thus, in deeper sense, the
“Fear of God” is meant to discourage ambivalence. Such pure
“Fear” (respect, Love) keeps
a seeker in the scale of morality and righteousness, which, in turn, encourages
noble virtues, Spiritual Life with discipline, meditation on the Absolute One,
cultivation of spiritual-knowledge (Aatam-Giaan)
through inner inquiry (Vichaar)
and one-pointed conscious Love for God.


the Light of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the fundamental belief in Sikhism is
that God exists (One God). He is not as merely an idea or concept, but
as a Real Entity. Although He is indicated to be indescribable and Formless,
yet knowable to anyone who is prepare to make the honest attempt to mend his
corrupt ways by collecting his Mayaic mind scattered around in lust, anger,
greed, attachment etc. to become perceptive to God’s Divine Qualities. As per
Sri Guru Granth Sahib, God does not need any logical proof for is Reality and


With the help of
these Divine Attributes, one adorns Bhagti (devotion) with its important
element of Bairaag – detachment from materiality and temptations, and
attachment to the practice of Love and devotion of the Divine within. According
to Sri Granth, only those deeds are “excellent” that are done in the
Fear of God (respect, reverence, Love);
otherwise they are “false”. Guru Amardas Jee says, “Forsake
desire, and abide in the Fear of God; O Nanak, these are the most excellent
actions” (GGS: 1089). Although both the unfaithful (Manmukh) and the
faithful entertain the Fear, but the Fear of both is something different. In
separation from God, the manmukh is full of all other fears. It’s common to see
such people subscribe to religion out of fear. They practice the various
religious injunctions because of apprehension that non performance of the same
will lead to retribution from God. Ignorance is the root of such fear. The
basis of any religion is Love of God and hence anything done out of fear is due
to immaturity. In True Love, how there can be any room for any kind of
reprisal? The faithful, on the other hand, Fears the Almighty in deep
reverence, respect, Love, etc. So he has no other fears because he does not
consider himself to be separate from God at any given moment.


I love
my God, because when I was born my God was breathing in me but the mind was
blank! Because of this breath (the Grace), my parents and all other relatives
picked me up one by one to greet one another, they all hugged me and kissed me.
Without this vital breath they would have wrapped me in white fabric, and you
know why?


As we grow we
start building layers of filth in our mind, collected from illusory maya. Like
this we build multiple layers and we keep playing accordingly – just play and
rewind these layers again and again. Our body is like a field (Khet), in
which our Karma is the seed (Beej), we harvest exactly what we
sow. If our seed (Karma) is false, then naturally our harvest (rewards
or fruits) will also be equally false, setting the cycle of the Law of Karma
in motion. Repeated suffering and fears of all sorts are the consequences.

In gurbani Guru Arjun says, leaving
the womb, you were born, and when you came out, you became attached to other
places. You practiced evil and fraud day and night, and did useless deeds. You thrash the
straw, but it has no wheat; running around and hurrying, you obtain only pain.
The false person is attached to falsehood; he is entangled with transitory
things. And when the Righteous Judge of Dharma
seizes you, O mad man, you shall arise and depart with your face blackened
(GGS: 1207). Thus, Gurbani indicates that one’s life would be a waste if
one were to die without the Fear of God. To die without the Fear of God is to
die in all other fears. Also without God’s Fear, one cannot retain the
“Color” of the God’s Name or attunement to the Shabad within. In
short, without the God’s Fear, we remain false, unable to become the Gurmukh
to cross over the dreadful ocean of the repeated suffering.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib
observes that when a sincere devotee places the Fear of God in his Heart, He
becomes the Gurmukh; his deeds (Karanee) becomes excellent; he
cherishes sincere Love for God and thus travels the path of Bhagti
(devotion); he controls his mind, forgets the selfishness and burns away his
false ego-sense (Haume); he attains True Understanding; he meditates on
the Divine Name, sing and follow the Divine Word; he enjoys True and Real Life;
his coming into this world becomes Blessed and Approved; his all other fears
disappear — he becomes fearless; he is honored in the God’s Court; the Glorious
Virtues of the Lord dwell in the heart; and so on. When a person truly
understands God’s Immanence in everything and His Hukam that prevails
all equally, he becomes free of all fears as there will not be anxieties of the
false ego-sense (Haume) to torture him anymore.


Mohan Singh

Gurmat Learning (North)

Toronto, Ontario,

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