Suni-ai dookh paap kaa naas.


Suni-ai dookh paap kaa naas.
‘Suni-ai’ and
‘Mannai’ are two important factors in Gurmat.

‘Suni-ai’ is
about Naam as revealed by Guru Amardas in GGS.

ਨਾਮੁ ਸੁਣੀਐ ਨਾਮੁ ਮੰਨੀਐ ਨਾਮੇ ਵਡਿਆਈ ॥ (426)

Guru Amardas: Naam
sunee-ai naam mannee-ai naamay vadi-aa-ee

(GGS: 426).

“Suni-ai dookh paap kaa
naas”, these four paurees of Baba Nanak in Japjee Sahib is well explained by Guru
Ramdas on page 1239-40.

Naam the Name of the Lord is a
treasure. Serving and contemplating upon, peace is obtained. I chant the Naam
of the Immaculate Lord, Waheguru so that I may go home with honor. The Word of
the Gurmukh is the Naam; I enshrined the Naam within my heart. The bird of the
intellect comes under one’s control, by meditating on the True Guru. O Nanak,
if the Lord becomes merciful, the mortal lovingly tunes in to the Naam.

Naam, the Name of
the Lord, is immaculate and pure; contemplating and hearing, peace is obtained.
Listening and hearing, it is enshrined in the mind; how rare is that humble
being who realizes it. Sitting down and standing up, I shall never forget Him,
the Truest of the true. His devotees have the Support of Naam; in His Naam,
they find peace. O Nanak, He permeates and pervades mind and body; He is the
Lord, the Guru’s Word.

Hearing the Naam and
contemplating upon it, the mind is delighted. The Naam brings peace and
tranquility. Hearing the Naam, the mind is satisfied, and all pains are taken
away. Hearing the Naam, one becomes famous; the Naam brings glorious greatness.
The Naam brings all honor and status; through the Naam, salvation is obtained.
The Gurmukh meditates on the Naam; Nanak is lovingly attuned to the Naam.

Contemplating and
hearing the Naam, all supernatural spiritual powers are obtained, and wealth
follows along. Hearing the Naam, the nine treasures are received, and the
mind’s desires are obtained. Hearing the Naam, contentment comes, and Maya
meditates at one’s feet. Hearing the Naam, intuitive peace and poise wells up.
Through the Guru’s Teachings, the Naam is obtained; O Nanak, sing His Glorious

Contemplating and
hearing the Naam, one is blessed with purity and self-control, and the
Messenger of Death will not draw near. Hearing the Naam, the heart is
illumined, and darkness is dispelled. Hearing the Naam, one comes to understand
his own self, and the profit of the Naam is obtained. Hearing the Naam, sins
are eradicated, and one meets the Immaculate True Lord. O Nanak, hearing the
Naam, one’s face becomes radiant. As Gurmukh, meditate on the Naam.

Compiled by:

Mohan Singh (Homeopath)


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